Would you like to participate in CAMI but do not have enough compute resources available?
We can offer two ways to get compute resources for your analyses:

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC)

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) will make it's converged HPC + Big Data + AI system, Bridges, freely available for CAMI participants. Bridges has dozens of large memory 3 TB nodes with 64-80 cores each, four extreme memory 12 TB nodes with 288-352 cores each, and hundreds of 128 GB nodes with 28 cores each. In addition, Bridges has dozens of GPU nodes with Kepler, Pascal, and Volta GPUs for machine learning applications.
To get access to resources at PSC, participants should do the following:
1. Visit portal.xsede.org and create an account.
2. Email your XSEDE portal username to Phil Blood at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request access to PSC's Bridges system for the CAMI competition.
3. Read up on how to use PSC's Bridges system here, and email any questions to Phil Blood.

de.NBI Cloud

The German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure (de.NBI) offers compute resources to German life scientists. The de.NBI cloud has several 3 TB nodes with 56 cores, Tesla GPU nodes, and nodes with 128GB-768 GB of RAM. If you are affiliated with a German research institute you can apply for compute resources in the de.NBI Cloud at https://cloud.denbi.de/get-started.